Pharmaceutical contract packer, Chester Medical Solutions, has selected METTLER TOLEDO to provide its serialisation solution, based around the XMV TE Track & Trace technology.
APP Ltd, Official Partners for METTLER TOLEDO serialisation solutions in the UK, will be managing the project from start to finish, making sure the serialisation journey is as smooth as possible.
The XMV TE system is an advanced inspection system which integrates three processes; combining ink jet printing and image verification with secure, tamper-evident sealing. Installation is scheduled for Q1 2017.
The system is in compliance with EU delegated act 2011/62/EU and EN 16679 enabling Chester Medical to offer fully compliant serialisation solutions to its clients.
Chester Medical Managing Director, David Patterson stated: "This investment will ensure that we are well ahead of the curve in ensuring that our business, and that of our customers, is prepared for the adoption of serialisation."
Chester Medical Solutions has kindly offered to demonstrate the METTLE TOLEDO XMV-TE capabilities to potential clients or to Pharmaceutical companies interested in seeing the XMV-TE in operation.
For further information please contact UK Sales Manager Chris Tranter on +447884667323


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